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In the beginning, a long time ago

London, 1986 - Two professional colleagues and friends, Trajan V. Janakievski and John R. Potter founded InMEC - International Marketing Engineering Consultancy. Its foundations were petrochemical projects in Pakistan, the Middle East and Europe. Inevitably, links were developed with what-used-to-be Yugoslavia.

Later on, particularly significant was the support of well-known textile companies from the U.K. (Marks & Spencer, Freemans, Grattan) and Sweden (Johan Scoglund) to produce in Yugoslavia: in Javor-Ivanjica, Yumco (PKV)-Vranje, Tetex-Tetovo, Makedonija-Sport, Skopje, etc.

We had a nice collaboration with Gaia-Zagreb on specialised materials (eg. carbon fiber) for the production of surf-boards.

With the sudden advent of duty-free shops in Yugoslavia, an interesting opportunity presented itself for the representation of several famous companies and consumer brands - Maxwell House instant coffee from General Foods (later Kraft Jacobs Suchard), Twinings teas, etc.

These marketing and consultancy services were fielded through the representative offices in Belgrade and Skopje. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the ensuing war made normal operations impossible, activities in Belgrade ceased by the end of 1992.

Changing lanes

With the adverse developments on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia and the retirement of John Potter from InMEC, London and Skopje continued work in other areas:

  • mechanical fittings and electric components from reputable UK manufacturers for projects in Russia and the Ukraine, in partnership with Ecke Maschinenbau-Vienna.
  • participation in the development of the soft porcelain recipe at TIPO-Skopje and supply of kaolins from ECC (English China Clays) and SKB (Societe des kaolins de Beauvoir); authorised dealership for the naturally white kaolin from SKB, now part of DAM Mineraux, France.
  • medical equipment and materials for the Clinical Centre in Skopje and Serbia.
  • consultancy services and general import-export.

1994 - Begin promotion of FG Wilson, a large and specialised manufacturer of diesel generating sets from the United Kingdom, gradually breaking down the misconception that 'if you have candles, you don't need a generating set' - and people had candles and little money!

1995 - Outstanding project: the contract for the supply of 626 tons of kaolin BIP from SKB for TIPO, financed from the European Union PHARE Programme, through the German GTZ.

1997 - Our first FG Wilson generating set sale in Macedonia - to Stolichny Bank Corp. (now Int'l Private Bank) in the centre of Skopje, refurbished by Bortas-Skopje

Since then, gradually building up a reputation as the most reliable supplier of quality generating sets in Macedonia with FG Wilson as a most respected brand (see: References).

1998 - Move to new premises at Atinska 12, Karpos-Taftalidze; change of company logo.

1999 - Supply of new generating sets and maintenance contract with TAFKO, now the European Agency for Reconstruction in Pristina.

First world conference of FG Wilson dealers in N.Ireland, after Caterpillar bought FG Wilson as well as previously Perkins, the reputable engine manufacturer. The FG Wilson brand to stay with its dealer network and new investments promised.

2000 - Most significant, deliveries of FG Wilson generating sets for: Brown & Root (of which two 1000 kVA in containers) and Granit (of which three 800 kVA in containers).

Contract for servicing with Granit-Mehanizacija, Skopje, the best construction company in Macedonia and wider.

Personnel training at FG Wilson, Larne, with certificates.

2nd FG Wilson dealer conference. Growing the partnership!

2001 - Intense deliveries for Kellogg Brown & Root (for the US Army) of generating sets and parts, as well as parts for Komatsu, Bobcat, SMC (Sandhurst) and Amida lighting towers.

Clinics for Gynecology and Surgery at the Clinical Centre in Skopje finally get generating sets for emergency backup (2x 250 kVA) with the help of MCMS (MCIC-Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation) and Diakonie, Germany.

2002 - With a little help from a friend of old, Ivica Saranovic-Sare, formally re-activated the representative office in Belgrade with a move to new premises in Novi Beograd.

June - 3rd FG Wilson dealer conference. Welcomed by two rainbows across the bay! Amongst a hundred others, in the hall now there are the Macedonian and Serbian flags. Reiterated the world's increasing dependence on reliable electric power and the role FG Wilson and its dealers are to play in the successful meeting of these needs. Plans to 2007/8 set.

July - First audio-visual presentation of FG Wilson in Belgrade.

Aug - Overhaul of several NATO generating sets thorugh the ES-KO (UK) maintenance and logistics project.

Nov - Our first sale of an FG Wilson genset in Serbia - 110kVA for the Hospital for Lung Deseases in Surdulica (hit during the 1999 NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia), through MontElektro-Nis.

Dec - A valuable addition to the team, Vladimir Zugic in Belgrade finds a vacant desk and a laptop - watch out! They are hungry for fame and glory! The focus is to present InMEC on the market of Serbia and Montenegro as a company which offers value and cares for its customers, making it a company with which people prefer to do business.

Another well-known engine manufacturer from the UK, Lister-Petter, offers its production range of smaller diesel and gas generator sets.

2003 - A promising start: first days of January - delivery of another generating set in Serbia - Nis, again(!), for a BPT petrol station in the city centre.

Two weeks later, a quick-delivery of yet another genset in Serbia, 100kVA in a canopy, for the Belgrade Drama Theater through Partner Inzenjering.

Launching where you are reading this.

Contract for servicing with Planum, one of the best construction companies in Serbia with an excellent workshop.

Training of personnel at FG Wilson HQ in Larne, N. Ireland.

We have been around for some time now and will be there for the long run.

To be continued....

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