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InMEC is a UK company established in 1985, as an international marketing engineering consultancy. With considerable industrial experience, it has provided various customers with valuable expertise in different parts of the world over the years. Opening representative offices in Belgrade and in Skopje meant building bridges between these markets and cultures.

Within our friendly working environment, personal integrity, creativity and dedicated hard work are expected because we believe luck favours those who work hard. Work and companionship provide incessant opportunities for discovery and learning and sharing as we strive for a better future. We invest in our people by providing training, modern tools and a pleasant environment. Team spirit is also encouraged because exchanges of ideas bring new qualities and together we are stronger! Many challenges are always there testing one's resolve requiring a focused joint effort to overcome them. We have had more than our share of trials and tribulations but have persevered, steering our course by changing tack or track, persistently and proudly offering quality products and services to our customers and being a dilligent and loyal partner to our suppliers. We take care of our own.

We have come this far only by providing value for our customers. Our motto reflects our apporach of providing this quality service:

  • COMMITMENT - tackling tasks with dedication and responsibilty, always striving to improve and provide and achieve more
  • INTEGRITY - personal and professional honesty in our dealings with people and projects
  • QUALITY - begins with quality thinking behind the extended hand of partnership and continues with the care to do our best for our customers

Each and every satisfied customer, irrespective of size, is an essential building block of our growth. Each customer is special and receives friendly, enthusiastic and prompt attention from our team to analyse and define requirements. With the support of our suppliers, our experience, knowledge and creativity is focused on providing the best solution for each project. Aftersales care is an integral part of our package of values - a satisfied customer is our best reference.

We are a conduit for ideas, trade and projects between the Balkans and the world.

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