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Diesel generating sets 8kVA (6,4kW) - 6500kVA (5200kW)

Power Range from 12.5kVA (10kW) to 22kVA (17.6kW)
Power Range from 27kVA (21,6kW) to 165kVA (132kW)
Power Range from 200kVA (160kW) to 275kVA (220kW)
Power Range from 300kVA (240kW) to 700kVA (560kW)
Power Range from 800kVA (640kW) to 2200kVA (1760kW)
Custom built generator sets
Power Range from 8kVA (6,4kW) to 12kVA (9,6kW)

Power Range from 27kVA (21,6kW) to 165kVA (132kW)

  • Perkins (PEP)powered generating sets
  • Most common generating sets range, widely used as backup or prime power in various industry sectors,commercial and financial sectors,construction sites,gas stations, telecommunications and in the rental market.

FG Wilson P110E (110kVA-88kW)

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